Winter Veggie Wonderland

Fill your garden with abundant veggies and edible flowers, have the garden you've always wanted.

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Let your garden be somewhere you can delight in.

Don't let your garden go unnoticed any longer, give it the attention it deserves and love on it. Our Winter Veggie Wonderland box gives you the everything you need to grow an abundant veggie garden, popping with colourful flowers and delicious produce. 

Curated for winter garden production with a selection of delightful cool season veggies and edible flowers, you will be enjoying produce from your garden in no time.

Unsure on your gardening skills? We will show you how.

Included in every box are the exact instructions which drill down into each stage of unboxing your garden box, preparing your garden, planting your plants, sowing your seeds and nurturing your garden to success.

Further to that, as your garden progresses we will send you gardening reminders and helpful tips and tricks to help you along the way. And if you lose your instructionals, we give you a link for free digital download (plus you'll get all the updates too!).

We want to see your garden succeed, so if it all goes pear shaped, just let us know and our gardening team will help you get your garden back on track.

What's included?

Our seasonal Winter Veggie Wonderland box includes:

  • 24 organically grown cool season veggie and flower seedlings
  • 4 specially selected high quality packets of seeds ready to pop out of the ground
  • Our signature Oceana Liquid Nourishment
  • 2 bags of our signature Solum Soil Food
  • Laid out, step by step Garden Instructionals to walk you through each step of the process
  • An eco-friendly storage box to keep it all neat and tidy

What plants are in the box?

  • Green Oak Lettuce
  • Red Oak Lettuce
  • Shiraz Beetroot
  • Spring Onion
  • Vibrant Purple Cauliflower
  • Calabrese Broccoli (which will produce a nice sized main head but then also send out side shoots for broccolini!)
  • Rainbow Chard
  • A selection of edible flowers like Calendula, Marigold and Cornflowers

What seeds are in the box?

  • Biodynamic French Breakfast Radish Seeds
  • Biodynamic Sugar Snap Pea Seeds
  • Classic Carrot Seeds
  • Succulent Rocket Seeds

Can I pick and choose my plants?

Of course! Hit "customise" up above and you can pick and choose what will go in your box. If you just want seedlings you can take away all the seeds and add extra seedlings, or if you want more seeds you can take some seedlings away and add more seeds. Your garden should be your own expression and we're keen to see it come to life.

Find solace in this crazy world and soak in the peace and beauty of nature.

You are meant to be proud of your garden. Start today.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I am now a green thumb !

I have never had a 100 % success rate before, but here we are three weeks after receiving our kit and it’s all thriving! Will be buying another kit soon. Thank you for such a great product/service.


Fantastic and very helpful !!!

Emily Finnegan
Super easy and fun!!

We have now ordered two boxes and absolutely love how easy it is to grow organic vegetables. Dave is full of knowledge and helpful, Which makes the whole experience stress free! We will definitely be ordering again.

Low maintenance, Chemical free, Fantastic results!

Daughter & I got the Winter Veggie Box & planted into free standing planter Box's. Its been fantastic watching our garden grow together. We have been feeding it the Oceana Liquid Nourishment once a fortnight & its literal super juice! That's it, the seedlings have just been loving life & turned into a feast of salad with steaks at dinner time. Looking forward to the Broccoli that's looking healthy as.
The handy Growerly instruction cards have no doubt helped us along in where & how much sun required plus also natural fertilizer & moister retention.
The box has been a one stop garden shop for us, thanks a stack Growerly Fam!

Fun and easy for the whole fam!

We loved the experience of having a growerly box! As a pregnant mama with a toddler in tow, big long outings to pick and choose seedlings have felt too exhausting to consider. The ease of having everything in a box, delivered to your door was so incredibly helpful. My little girl loved grabbing seedlings out of the box and following the easy instructions on where to plant them. It was awesome to plant seasonal plants that are also provided lots of nourishment from all the goodies stored in the growerly box. Thank you for making growing our own veggies fun and easy for the whole family!

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