Indulge your garden with bountiful ocean minerals.

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Nourish your garden

Bring the mineral rich influences of the ocean to your garden. Oceana is full of thoughtfully processed fish and Atlantic kelp, plus fulvates, humates and beneficial microbes to create a delicious mix (delicious for your plants and soil anyway! Don't drink it...).

Perfect for foliar or soil applications, 25 mL mixed into a 9L watering can will go over 9 square meters. Applying Oceana in the cool of day (dawn or dusk) will give your plants the best chance to uptake the nutrients and give time for the beneficial microbes to do their thing.


Our twin-chamber bottles make it super easy to mix up Oceana. Simply unscrew the lid on the smaller chamber, squeeze the bottle up to the 25 mL mark and pour into your 9 L watering can. No mess, no getting fertiliser all over your hands, super easy to apply to your garden.


Interested in what we put in this 500mL magic mix? Read on!


We use a high analysis liquid fish fertiliser, bringing the magic of the ocean to your garden. This adds a wide variety of macro and micro elements from the ocean to your garden. Beneficial fungi absolutely love fish as it is made up of a complex structure that fungi love to feed off.


From the cold North Atlantic, our Ascophyllum Nodosum provides amazing hormones for your plants and is a diverse nutrient source for your garden. Kelp has been shown to reduce transplant shock, boost plant immunity, boost fungal activity in your soil and much more.


Molasses is a great food for beneficial bacteria, giving those critters the chance to multiply in our garden and thrive. Molasses is also a natural chelating agent, meaning it allows nutrients to "trojan horse" through your plant cell walls, increasing natural uptake of nutrients.

Humates and Fulvates

These suckers were added for food for your beneficial microbes, as chelating agents to "trojan horse" nutrients into your plant cells, and as long term nutrient stores in your gardens soil. These are acids which predominantly come from compost and provide houses for beneficial microbes in your soil, water storage in the soil, and water retention in your plants.

Beneficial Microbes

Our microbes include a mix of beneficial anaerobic microbes, mycorrhizal fungi, tricoderma and other beneficial bacteria. These are all well fed by the other ingredients above, and provide essential protection and goodness for your plants.

Don't leave your garden wanting

If your Oceana is not up to scratch, we'll happily replace or refund it, no worries.

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